Water Survival Training (Ditching Procedures Training) at  Baltic Aviation Academy

Ditching Procedures Training

Water Survival Training contains theory part and exercises of survival techniques and ditching hints. The training is based on JAR-OPS regulations and complies with JAR-OPS 1 requirements and is designed a basic skills course and for experienced pilots and cabin crew as a recurrent course.
Objectives of this course are to give participants knowledge to both practical and theoretical aspects of ditching and water survival so that trainees:

  • Are aware of the process of a ditching and survival in the water;
  • Capable of using ditching and survival theories in practice;
  • Environment and equipment used in ditching are familiar to trainees;
  • Are familiar with the facts influencing successful ditching and managing survivors;
  • Have a better picture of their own responsibility as survivor managers;
  • Know how to improve survivability.


Course elements

The course consists of lectures, discussions, teamwork and exercises.


  • Preparation for ditching;
  • Ditching factors;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Survival equipment;
  • Survival techniques;
  • Passenger management.

Duration of theory part – 90 minutes.

Exercises are aimed at practicing the knowledge and developing skills of choosing the right methods of rescue.

Practical scenarios:

  • Heat saving position;
  • Group heat saving position;
  • Swimming alone;
  • Swimming in a group;
  • Using slide;
  • Using raft.

Duration of exercises part – 45 minutes.


Ditching Procedures Training (Water Survival Training)



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