Modular Commercial Pilot License (CPL(A)) Training Course

Modular Commercial Pilot License Training Course is designed for those who want to harmonize the needs with the possibilities. Lasting more than ATPL integrated course but requiring less investments, CPL training course can be divided into ‘modules’. The biggest advantage of the modular program is the training for mandatory courses composed to gain a ATPL frozen license at the convenient time.

After the completion of the course, students are eligible to operate as private pilots or co-pilots on single/multi-engine airplanes in the area of JAA/EASA by obtaining the PPL and CPL/IR/ME licenses.

‘The truth is that sometimes airline pilots mastering the metal birds weighting
 around 40 tons catch themselves envying those flying beyond them,
 playing around the lake, turning around trees and doing
mind-blowing maneuvers – because they cannot do that themselves“,
 Peter Moysidis, ab initio trainings instructor at the Baltic Aviation Academy’.

The modular training program consists of two training stages:

  • First stage – PPL training course;
  • Second stage – CPL/IR training course.




Students must be at least 18 years old.

Physical Status

Valid EASA Part-MED Class 1 Certificate.

Theoretical preparation

Knowledge of mathematics, English and physics is of key importance. During the assessment the school and exam grades of disciplines are evaluated additionally. Additional skills assessment can be organized by the academy for those having low or no grades from secondary school.

Emotional and social competence

All candidates must go through special tests and interviews developed by the selection commission of the Baltic Aviation Academy for social competence assessment.

Modular Commercial Pilot License (CPL(A)) Training Course



Ground training

  • 155 hours in class PPL
  • 620 hours ATPL

Flight training

  • 152 hours – single engine aircraft
  • 13 hours – multi-engine aircraft
  • 35 hours – FNPT II


  • 36 months (approximately)

Ground Training:

The theoretical knowledge course (ground school) consists of two training stages: PPL ground school – ten (10) theoretical subjects, that lasts approximately 155 hours and ATPL ground school thirteen (13) theoretical subjects, that lasts approximately 650 hours, including classroom work, professional manuals and computer-based (CBT) training.

Theoretical subjects include:

  • Air law
  • Communication
  • Operating procedures
  • Mass and balance
  • Instrumentation
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Flight planning
  • Performance
  • General navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Human performance
  • Principles of flight

Flight Training:

Basic flight training is conducted in Aleksotаs aerodrome in Kaunas, located 100 km away from the BAA training centre.

Students will complete a total of:

  • 116 hours – visual flight (VFR);
  • 51 hours – instrument flight (IFR);
  • 5 hours – night visual flight (NVFR);
  • 15 hours – CPL flight;
  • 13 hours – multi-engine flight (MEP).
  • (5 hours of IFR flight included)

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