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Aviation Settles in Social Media

Aviation Settles in Social MediaNowadays the society spends most of the time researching for the information in the social media sites. Aviation companies have used this new tendency for its own purposes: catch the attention and interest of youth, help pilots with recruitment issues, loudly talk about the relevant themes.

For example, the United Nations aviation agency has launched a video contest aimed at getting young adults interested in the airline industry and warning about the global pilot shortage looms. The contest is a part of the ICAO's Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative which addresses the anticipated shortage of skilled aviation professionals in the near future. The objective of the NGAP is to ensure that enough qualified and competent aviation professionals are available to operate, manage and maintain the future international air transport system.
The ICAO's YouTube contest has set the goal to ’excite young people about becoming an aviation professional’. The prize consisted of an invitation to attend the World Aviation Training Conference and Tradeshow (WATS) in Orlando with a unique opportunity to meet with aviation professionals from around the world. What more young aviation enthusiasts could wish for?
The social media impact on aviation has been highlighted at the website which has recently presented the statistics of online aviation job distribution network JSfirm. The statistics showed that from the 670-plus companies participating in the survey, 444 indicated they use special aviation websites such as JSfirm,, aviation and others to find aviation talent. Other highly rated sources include non-aviation websites such as and, professional and social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, local newspapers, aviation schools and word of mouth. Maybe it sounds odd, but if you are a pilot searching for job opportunities, internet might be just the right place to start.

Speaking about the events dedicated to the virtual world of aviation, on the 8th of March at Cygnus Aviation Expo some of the aviation industry's most successful social media practitioners will present a program focused exclusively on managing social media for airports and other tenant organizations. Brad McAllister, an associate editor at Airport Business has said: ‘One of the best ways to learn about your corporate reputation is through social media. Reaching out to customers has elevated to a much more personal level. Knowing how to use social media is vital to building your reputation’.

To make the long story short, the latest proof is KLM airline which has gathered over a million Facebook page fans and recently released a new application entitled ‘Stewardess Yourself’ which has become the real hit among page users. You can check it out at:

Step by step, the aviation training centres, airports, airlines and other aviation related companies are acknowledging the importance of social media to its business and society attention.


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