Airbus A320 Type Rating students from Portugal at Baltic Aviation Academy. Part 1

Basic Aircraft Preflight Inspection

This week Baltic Aviation Academy would like to take you for a walk around in FL Technics hangar at Vilnius International airport. Our student Oleg Gaievoi on a real Boeing 737 aircraft will show what the basic aircraft preflight inspection is and how it should be done. Hope you enjoy it and find interesting and useful information!

We cannot stress this enough - this is NOT for training purposes!

Graduation Ceremony: Class of 2014

Baltic Aviation Academy wants to share moments from the graduation ceremony of the class 2014. Students, parents, friends and Baltic Aviation Academy commemorate a lifetime achievement of these students. Baltic Aviation Academy says THANK YOU for a daily inspiration to keep fulfilling more dreams like yours!

CPL Holder landing an Airbus A320 manually

Aviation training centre, Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) is continuing its educational, interesting and inspiring video series about amateurs, students, pilots, or enthusiasts performing various flights and approaches in our Full Flight Simulators! For those who asked why we allowed Milda to perform auto-land is because we kept a manual landing for later. So please enjoy the video where CPL holder is landing an Airbus A320 manually. Happy watching, and as usual, we are waiting for your video suggestions and ideas!

Season's Greetings from Baltic Aviation Academy

Season's Greetings from Baltic Aviation Academy! May you have a jolly Holiday time!!! Here is a little musical FFS piece to kick off your aviation holiday season! Enjoy!

The Most Dangerous Approaches: Ajaccio Airport

Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) is taking you on yet another "The Most Dangerous Approaches" trip. This time we are going to Ajaccio Airport in Corsica. Enjoy the video!

CPL Holder landing an Airbus A320 for the first time

This time aviation training centre, Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) is providing you an in depth video on how Milda Mackonyte, CPL holder, is landing an Airbus A320 for the first time. We created a situation where captain is unable to land an airplane and first officer is only providing Milda with instructions. Video gives you a detailed view of pilot actions in the cockpit when landing with an autopilot.

Why are there two pilots in the cockpit?

Tomi Salonen, CPL Modular student at Baltic Aviation Academy decided to explore the reasons of why are there two pilots in the cockpit. We give you two situations as an example where pilot communication and cooperation is very important. Repeating and confirming each other's actions in the stressful situations eliminates chances for misscommunication and mistakes. Hope you enjoy this video! We would appreciate if you could offer us any other topics that interest you! Thank you!

Rapid Decompression in Boeing 737

This time, Kristaps Kalnins, Baltic Aviation Academy's (Vilnius, Lithuania) ATPL Integrated Student from Latvia, demonstrates the rapid decompression from the pilot's point of view. He explains the meaning of a few instruments that are involved during the decompression and shows the action flow that pilot performs when rapid decompression occurs. Happy watching!

The most dangerous approaches: Innsbruck Airport

Just like promised, Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) continues the video sequence on the most dangerous approaches. This time Martynas Mažeika, Product Development Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy, demonstrates how to perform a take-off and landing at one of the most dangerous airports in Europe, Innsbruck Airport, which is located in Austria. Happy watching!

Airbus A320 flight controls protections

This week Oleg Gaievoi, ATPL Integrated Students at Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) shows a few Airbus A320 flight control protection situations (GPWS Terrain Warning and Stall Prevention; Bank Angle and Pitch Altitude Protection). Happy watching and let us know your thoughts and ideas for the new videos! In case you have some particular questions regarding our services, feel free to write an email to

An Amateur Trying to Land Boeing 737 manually

Baltic Aviation Academy (Lithuania) decided to do the experiment - take a person who has worked in the company, has a little clue how to control aircraft with a help of autopilot and air traffic control and to leave conducting landing manually. What results it is going to bring?

Cabin crew admission at Baltic Aviation Academy

On the 23-25th of October Baltic Aviation Academy conducted cabin crew recruitment. We took a chance and interviewed a few of the candidates about what brought them to the recruitment, and how they imagine flight attendant work. Take a look at these young and passionate people and maybe you will find yourself dreaming to fly too.

In case you have some particular questions regarding our services, feel free to write an email to

The Most Dangerous Approaches: Madeira Airport

Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) starts new video series on the world's most dangerous approaches. This time Martynas Mazeika, Product Development Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy, will demonstrate how to perform take-off and landing at Madeira Airport located in municipality of Santa Cruz (Portugal). If you have any suggestions and ideas, please write them in the comment box. Enjoy!

Night Flight VFR on Cessna 172

On the occasion of flying season end, this week Baltic Aviation Academy shares night flight VFR video which was done by Alexandr Goncharuk. The opportunity to see all the city below with lights on is one of the most enjoyful moments of being a pilot!

An amateur trying to land a Boeing 737 CL at night

In this experiment an amateur acts as if she is alone in the cabin and tries to land a jet with help of an air traffic controller and autopilot at nigh.. Watch the video and see if she has succeeded. Enjoy!

Baltic Aviation Academy: Tutorial of Multi Control Display Unit on Airbus A320

Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) continues series of videos based on viewers’ requests. This time Martynas Mazeika, Product Development Manager, will demonstrate the purpose and usage of Multi Control Display Unit on Airbus A320. Enjoy!

The graduation ceremony of ATPL Integrated students

The 6th of September has been marked in history of Baltic Aviation Academy. The aviation training centre released its very first ATPL Integrated graduates. Seven students from Lithuania, Ukraine, Tadzhikistan and Holland after two years of studies finished their studies and received a Commercial Pilot Licenses issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of Lithuania. Take a look at graduation ceremony!

Final Coundown. Interview Simon Cornish

Simon Cornish, Boeing 737 type rating student at Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania), was interviewed two months ago just before starting training. A few days ago Simon conducted base training and is ready to seek for a career in aviation.

Moments of flights on Cessna 172s

Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) wants to share a flight moments on Cessna 172 captured during busy training summer of 2013. Together with students and aviation enthusiasts enjoy the beautiful landscape of Lithuania and the feeling what is it like to be a pilot.

The first international IFR flight of ATPL student

On the 4th of August, Baltic Aviation Academy's students have started Ab Initio flight training abroad. This was his first training flight outside the borders of Lithuania. During the flight, Pranas Drulis, Pilot in Command Under Supervi¬sion and his instructor Viktoras Ramonas were piloting Cessna 172S LY-BAK. The Route of flight was Aleksotas (Lithuania) -- Kuressaare (Estonia) -- Aleksotas (Lithuania).

Anniversary of 150th video

Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) is celebrating anniversary of 150th video. Through years aviation training centre has showed aviation from many perspectives: interviews, webinars, tutorials, events and journeys. Thank you for being with us and enjoy!

Flight with Grazina Sviderskyte on Boeing 737 FFS

Video is in Lithuanian language. This week Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) had an honour to welcome Grazina Sviderskyte at company's headquarters. Grazina is a Lithuanian newscaster and author, documentary aviation films. Together with the famous Lithuanian pilot, Jurgis Kairys, Grazina Sviderskyte won the CNN Best Reporter Award in 2001, for her work  'Flight beneath the Bridge'. Being also a private pilot, Grazina has tried her skills on Boeing 737 Full Flight Simulator for the first time.

Baltic Aviation Academy at Aviation Day in Kaunas

Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) participated in Aviation Day in Kaunas 2013 (Vilnius, Lithuania). The event was dedicated for Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas who became the first Lithuanian pilots to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. The flight is still being considered one of the most accurate in the entire global aviation history. The video reveals performances by the greatest pilots of acrobatic, fighter and military aircrafts. Air forces, soldiers, pilots, aviation academies and their displays, great exhibition of aircrafts and military transport, wonderful weather, music and BBQ... see Baltic Aviation Academy's Ab Initio (FTO) organization taking part with their Tecnam and Cessna aircrafts!

Baltic Aviation Academy's Open Door Day at Darius and Girenas aerodrome

On the 6th of July Baltic Aviation Academy's employees together with aviation enthusiasts and pilot-to-be spent time at the Ab Initio school training base in Kaunas Darius and Girenas aerodrome. The reason of such gathering was the International Open Door Day of Baltic Aviation Academy. Enjoy!

Pilot Talks: The Life of Student -- Pilot

Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) speaks with Stephan van Leeuwen, ATPL student from Holland, who shares the experience and impressions which he have faced during his training and living in Lithuania.

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